Gladue Writers Society of British Columbia

  • November 29, 2018

To the British Columbia Bar Association, 

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you directly.  We wanted to introduce ourselves. The Gladue Writers Society of British Columbia ("GWSBC") was established with the mandate to advance Gladue Rights implementation in the province of British Columbia. We promote Best Practices in Gladue Report preparation and Gladue Rights assertion.   
We are BC's only representative body for Gladue Writers. Our innovative solutions and quest for change have positioned us at the forefront of Indigenous justice in BC. The GWSBC works collaboratively with governmental agencies and community partners, to fulfill the promise of Gladue.  

I am writing to encourage all of you to request Gladue Reports through Legal Services Society. We realize that this process has often been difficult and results in additional time spent on your behalf, but increasing the capacity and demand for Gladue Reports is crucial in fulfilling the promise of Gladue in BC. 

Should you find yourself with a client who does not qualify for Legal Aid, please feel free to contact either of us directly, as we take referrals for private reports. Quotes are available upon request. Finally, if you have any questions, concerns, comments about Gladue in BC, please do not hesitate to contact either of us directly. 

Anisa White and Mitch Walker
Gladue Writers Society of British Columbia


Anisa White – Chair

Mitch Walker – Vice Chair