BC Lawyers - Build your client base by joining Access Pro Bono's Lawyer Referral Service

  • January 20, 2021

Access Pro Bono’s Lawyer Referral Service receives approximately 40,000 calls each year from middle to high income British Columbians seeking lawyers to serve their legal needs. We are looking to grow our referral list in order to meet increasing need. Our Lawyer Referral Service staff have a combined 30 years of experience matching clients to lawyers who can serve them best.

The Lawyer Referral Service offers lawyers an ideal way to generate new business through telephone and online referrals. Lawyers provide a much-needed public service, while effectively expanding their client base.

Each client who calls the Lawyer Referral Service is screened and referred to a lawyer who practices in that client’s area of need. Lawyers provide an initial, free 30-minute consultation. After the brief consultation, the client and the lawyer decide whether the lawyer will be retained at the lawyer’s rate of charge. There is no obligation for either party to continue after the free consultation.

LRS Member Benefits:

  1. Free to join
  2. Referrals based on location and case type
  3. Qualified screening
  4. Computerized rotation system providing an equal opportunity for referrals
  5. New online referral system offering 24/7 referral opportunities (visit www.lrsbc.org for more details on the online platform)
  6. Staff available by telephone or email five days a week from 8:30am to 5:00 pm
  7. Promoted by the Law Foundation of BC and the Law Society of BC

If you are a lawyer interested in joining our Lawyer Referral Program, please contact us at lawyerreferral@accessprobono.ca or submit our application form.