But I was wearing a suit - Part 2

  • May 18, 2021


An earlier project asked about Indigenous lawyers’ experiences within the legal profession (Part I: https://youtu.be/HTG7fi-5c3U). That short documentary ended with the question: "If this is how Indigenous lawyers are treated in the legal system, what does this say about how the legal system treats Indigenous people in general?"

This is Part II of that project. We intend to further the discussion about the way Indigenous peoples experience the law and justice processes. To encourage discussion about stereotyping and bias within the justice system, we asked for stories about Indigenous peoples’ experiences of microaggressions or micro-discriminations.

Over 50 people responded to this survey. Of those not comfortable submitting videos, their stories are read by others to protect their anonymity.

A grassroots project of a group of Indigenous Lawyers, with the support of CLEBC, the Law Society of BC, and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. With special thanks to The Honourable Steven L. Point and the many people who shared their stories.

For their contributions and commitment, we would also like to thank:

  • Patricia Barkaskas
  • Jana Chouinard
  • Andrea Glickman
  • Andrea Halpen
  • Jeffery G. Hewitt
  • Alice Joe
  • Diana Juricevic
  • Sarah Morales
  • Andrew Pilliar
  • Vikaash Prasad
  • Amber Prince
  • Teresa Sheward
  • Adam Simpkins
  • Iulia Sincraian
  • Ardith Wal’petko We’dalx Walkem