Conversations on Call to Action 57 - Aboriginal-Crown Relations

  • July 08, 2021

In this episode, President Brad Regher will talk with two private lawyers who have dealt extensively with public servants in the course of their work. They discuss call to Action number 57 which calls for governments at all levels to educate civil servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples in Canada, treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law and Aboriginal-Crown relations

Maggie Wente, a partner with Olthius Kleer Townshend in Toronto, is a member of Ontario’s Serpent River First Nation. Maggie has a broad practice serving First Nations governments, their related entities, businesses and not-for-profit corporations. She is past-President of the Board of Directors at Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto, and served as a Commissioner on the Ontario Human Rights Commission for nine years.

David Nahwegahbow, founding partner of Nahwegahbow Corbiere in Orillia, has represented First Nations in land claims, treaty and Aboriginal rights litigation and negotiation. He’s a founding member of the Indigenous Bar Association. And he’s Anishinabe from Whitefish River First Nation in Ontario.

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