Updates from the Court of Appeal for BC: Attending Appeal Hearings & New Filing Requirement

  • August 20, 2021

The Notice Regarding Court of Appeal Procedures and Access to Court Proceedings has been updated as follows:

  • To maintain physical distancing, the courtrooms where appeal proceedings or reviews take place can accommodate a maximum of six (6) counsel or self-represented parties at the counsel tables, and the courtrooms where chambers proceedings take place can accommodate a maximum of four (4) counsel or self-represented parties at the counsel tables. If more counsel or self-represented parties will appear, the parties are directed to decide who will appear via video conference and inform the Court of their choice by submitting the Request to Appear Remotely on the applicable timelines.
  • For appeal hearings where one or more parties appear by video conference, a video link will be posted to the Court’s weekly hearing list. This means that members of the public will have the option of observing some appeal hearings remotely by clicking on the video link provided.  For any hearing, whether in person or a combination of in-person or videoconference, the public may also attend in-person, recognizing there are still limited physically-distanced spaces in the gallery.                      

The Notice Regarding Modified Filing Directions for Civil and Criminal Appeals has been updated as follows:

  • Beginning with appeals scheduled to be heard on 1 November 2021, the Court will require parties to provide the Court with (3) paper copies of any appeal record, factum(s), or statement(s) previously e-filed six (6) weeks before the hearing of their appeal.