Do Law Differently: Futures for Young Lawyers

  • February 22, 2016

It started out as a question asked by the CBA Futures Initiative to young lawyers: what can we do for you that will be helpful to you in your career?

The answer came back: tell me what I need to know about – and how I can prepare for – key trends facing prospective and young lawyers.

Leading legal futures thinker Jordan Furlong sets the stage with an analysis of the current state of the profession, and talks about the skills and competencies that lawyers will need to have to make the most of the opportunities ahead. We’ve included interviews with 26 #NewLaw pioneers – people who have found new ways to practise law and better ways to serve their clients. And we provide resources – places people can go to find out more about what they’ve learned.

Along with the guide we've launched a Facebook group aimed at law students and young lawyers - come join the conversation. And download the guide.