Message from the Women Lawyers Forum BC Chair

  • April 13, 2021

This message was sent to all members of the Women Lawyers Forum BC on behalf of the Chair, Rose Keith, QC

Tomorrow evening 100 of our members are gathering for "Empowerment through Presentation: Dressing with More Intention".

Several CBABC members have expressed their concern about this program. I thank everyone who took the time to do that. All Sections look to ideas from members about topics for meetings and we have received additional suggestions for topics, speakers and focus.

Tomorrow's program came about the same way. Younger members often ask their mentors about what they should wear in this conservative profession. As our sense of self and personality is expressed through our clothes, many members ask themselves how to reconcile that with expectations of others about how a lawyer should dress. Wednesday's program will promote individuality in women who practice law and encourage everyone to maintain their own sense of self in a profession that has expected particular forms of dress for many years.

WLF exists to promote and support the enhancement of the stature and influence of women in the legal profession. We had that in mind when deciding to proceed with this particular program. While it is true that all genders might benefit from this discussion, in this case the audience is for women lawyers.

It is also true that there are many issues of interest to WLF members and we don't all have the same interests or weigh them as equally important. WLF has provided, and will continue to provide a broad range of programming. On May 19, Professor Constance Backhouse will discuss her recent book on the first two female judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada, during which we will discuss discrimination and inequalities faced by women in the legal profession including the expectations on female lawyers balancing domestic responsibilities with a successful career in law.

A few of our recent programs include:

  • Big Tent Feminism: Inclusive Mandates for Gender Advocacy Organizations
  • Three-part Coaching Series - Creating your Goal, Developing a Personal Business Plan, Self-coaching
  • Annual Senior Women Lawyers Dinner featuring BC Coroner Lisa Lapointe
  • International Women's Day: Women in Law - Past, Present, and Future, with Justices Griffin and Forth

Future topics include a discussion of the WLF Partner Compensation Survey Report.

We greatly appreciate the feedback provided with respect to this particular event and please know that feedback is always welcome. If you have ideas of topics and speakers that you would like in future WLF events, please send them to and they will be forwarded to the Executive.