CBABC joins over 50 partners in Access to Justice Triple Aim

  • June 12, 2019

The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch (CBABC) is proud to join today with more than 50 other justice organizations in Access to Justice Triple Aim, a shared goal of improving the experience of British Columbians.

The Access to Justice Triple Aim is a successful approach already used in the health sector to promote innovation. Applied to BC’s justice system, this concept sets one goal with three interrelated elements: improved population access to justice; improved experience of people who need access to justice; and, improved costs.

“Access to justice is about more than meeting with a lawyer or appearing in court. It’s the whole picture of helping people move through the prevention, management and resolution of their legal problems,” said CBABC President Margaret A. Mereigh.

“We are looking at how people in their everyday lives can gain the knowledge necessary to manage their legal needs, or how they can take action to resolve their problems within the justice system. We want to provide services from the perspectives of those people.

“And to improve costs, we are looking at the sustainability of service delivery. Unbundling of legal services is one way to increase access for people, while reducing costs. Unbundling means people can get legal help for specific parts of their disputes at a point in the process that works best for them,” Mereigh explained.

CBABC is working with its members to develop ideas and processes to share with justice system partners in pursuit of Access to Justice Triple Aim’s common goal. For example, CBABC members who offer unbundled legal services meet regularly to discuss how best to serve clients through that approach.

CBABC’s goal is to improve access to justice for individuals, families and businesses in British Columbia through a process that leads to increased positive outcomes in family and civil justice.

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