BC BUDGET 2020: CBABC questions “No Fault” Insurance Scheme in light of ICBC profitability

  • February 18, 2020

The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch (CBABC) recognizes the investments the BC government has made to legal aid services over the past year, but renews their call for additional funding for family law legal aid.

“An appropriately funded legal aid system is essential to ensure all British Columbians have access to justice,” said Ken Armstrong, CBABC President. “There are families all over the province that cannot access much needed legal aid services in trying times due to a very limited scope of services that are covered. We continue to call on government to increase funding to ensure an accessible and sustainable legal aid system.” he added. 

In addition, CBABC remains extremely concerned about Premier Horgan and Attorney General David Eby’s announcement that the government intends to introduce a “no fault” insurance plan in BC. CBABC is opposed to no-fault insurance and believes this program will reduce the rights of injured victims.

“The BC Government is making it much harder for British Columbians to seek legal advice and representation when negotiating a settlement with ICBC. Over the years, many British Columbians have been unhappy with how ICBC dealt with their claims, leading them to seek assistance from a lawyer.”

Armstrong added, “Budget 2020 clearly shows that ICBC is on track to make a healthy profit in 2020/21, before the proposed implementation of No Fault insurance. Residents of BC should be asking: why should ICBC be allowed to implement No Fault to further increase its profitability, when that plan is clearly at the expense of injured parties forced to represent themselves against a government-owned monopoly – one that has historically undercut the compensation that people are entitled to?”

CBABC would welcome the opportunity to consult with government on meaningful changes that could help address ICBC’s financial problems without restricting the appropriate compensation and supports BC residents deserve.

CBABC Vice President Jennifer Brun is available for media interviews from 3:30pm to 5:30pm today. Please use contact information below to arrange an interview.

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