CBABC welcomes president ready for navigating shift in legal landscape

  • September 01, 2022

The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch announces Aleem Bharmal, QC*, as President for the 2022-23 term. Aleem steps into this position of leadership during a time marked by transformation and modernization, both within the legal profession and justice system. 

Aleem brings with him a passion for equity along with a proven track record of committed persistence in matters of justice, fairness and fighting discrimination. “As we deal with the aftereffects of the pandemic, there is a valuable opportunity to advance both our courts and legislation to improve access to justice for all communities and citizens in BC. Within the justice system, the disparity between two sides when the vulnerable party is trying to seek justice is stark. The number of procedural hurdles that can be raised in our justice system, and the resulting level of time, persistence and energy expended to seek redress is significant,” says Bharmal.

“Looking ahead, the legal profession anticipates significant change to the regulation of lawyers, which will have a major impact on our members. As the voice of lawyers in BC our lawyers are on the front line working with our clients. Now is the perfect moment to maintain CBABC’s focus on the issues that matter most, both on a critical level for our members and to greater society as a whole,” Aleem maintains.

“Aleem’s experience and perspective provides us with an opportunity to advance changes to make legal services more accessible,” states Kerry L Simmons, QC*, CBABC Executive Director. Aleem was recognized with the CBABC President’s Medal in 2016 and has served the CBA Board of Directors as Chair of the National Equity Committee, CBABC Board of Directors as chair of the Access to Justice Committee, and Equality & Diversity Committee, among more. He was appointed Queen's Counsel* in 2019.

As a successful human rights lawyer, mentor and advocate, CBABC is confident that Aleem Bharmal, QC* will bring a strong voice to members. “CBABC delivers a powerful collective voice to advocate on the issues that matter, and I am incredibly happy, humbled and honoured to be leading it as of next term as President”.

Aleem Bharmal, QC*:
A human rights lawyer working in the social justice sector whose legal career has made an impact serving vulnerable populations. Aleem currently practices law at the Community Legal Services Association (CLAS) Human Rights Clinic, where he has practiced for almost twenty years and served as executive director for twelve.

About CBABC:
The Canadian Bar Association is the professional organization representing 37,000 lawyers, judges and law students across Canada with over 7,300 members in British Columbia. CBABC members practice at the forefront of the justice system, providing services to British Columbians in every area of law.

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*As of September 8, 2022, Queen's Counsel became King's Counsel