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Call for Consultation | Submission | Provincial Government

Submission: 2023 BC Budget Consultations

  • June 07, 2022

In our 2023 Budget Consultations, CBABC appeals to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services to expand the scope of coverage for legal aid, establish a robust data collection and disclosure infrastructure to understand the experience of the users of the court and justice system, and complete the digital transformation of the court system.

Submission | Provincial Government

Report from Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act

  • May 09, 2022

In 2021, the Government formed a Special Committee to reform the Police Act. A public consultation was conducted and the final report of this Special Committee has now been published, along with recommendations for modernizing the legislation and policies around policing in BC.

Call for Consultation | Provincial Government

BC Government: Adult Guardianship Act Review

  • May 02, 2022

The BC government has established a working group to review the adult abuse and neglect framework contained within the Adult Guardianship Act. The working group would appreciate the input of CBABC in their review. Some topic areas that have been identified for consideration include the scope and application of the Act, responses by designated agencies, and the adult’s involvement in the process and their rights.

Submission | Provincial Government

Deputy Attorney General: Amendment to S. 203 of Family Law Act

  • April 14, 2022

CBABC has made a request to the Deputy Attorney General to amend section 203 of the Family Law Act. The current section creates a higher threshold to meet before the court can order a legal representative for a child who is involved in a family law matter. The proposed amendment would align the BC legislation with other jurisdictions by removing barriers to appointing counsel to assist children with their rights.

Submission | Law Society of BC, Provincial Government

Law Society of BC/Attorney General: Family Law Disputes

  • April 12, 2022

The Law Society of BC (LSBC) reviewed a report of their Access to Justice Advisory Committee in the fall of 2021 which looked into ways to improve access to justice in family law disputes. CBABC prepared a written submission with recommendations and further considerations for both LSBC and the BC Government as improvements are made to alleviate challenges for those needing to resolve family law matters.

Submission | BC Courts

Submission to the Rules Committee: BCSC Contempt Rules

  • April 07, 2022

The Rules of Contempt are under review by the BC Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules Committee (Rules Committee). The existing rules are outdated and do not reflect the range of options that are used under the court’s inherent jurisdiction when a court order is violated.

Submission | Other

Letter to Land Title and Survey Authority of BC: Land Owner Transparency Registry

  • March 17, 2022

CBABC has asked the Land Owner Transparency administrator to consider a series of recommendations designed to improve the process and requirements for land owners to file notice of beneficial ownership in BC. These recommendations are in response to privacy concerns and technical issues identified by CBABC members.