Agenda for Justice

CBABC is pleased to present Agenda for Justice 2021, a roadmap for action to improve BC’s justice system and modernize provincial legislation for the benefit of all British Columbians.

More than 40 recommendations in 22 key areas address everyday situations affecting people in BC—families undergoing a separation, small businesses settling a contract dispute, rural communities without access to basic legal services, and more.

Agenda for Justice offers concrete suggestions where the legal community and the BC Government can work collaboratively to move families and communities forward.

Members of our Association welcome the opportunity to discuss our recommendations in more detail and to answer any questions. Please contact

Explore the four sections of Agenda for Justice 2021 below. You’ll find additional reading on each issue, including background research.

Access to Justice for Families

Family security and financial stability depend on laws and supporting systems that provide timely and fair resolution informed by legal advice and representation. This section provides recommendations in the areas of legal aid and family law services, transformation of the child protection system, and a unified family court system.

Meaningful Change
for Indigenous Peoples

Our Indigenous communities deserve a unique and collaborative approach to justice that addresses the issues more prevalent within their population. CBABC supports policy and program implementation that will promote the objectives of reconciliation, starting with implementation of DRIPA and the BC First Nations Justice Strategy.

Modernizing British Columbia's
Justice & Legal Systems

Key stakeholders in the justice system all agree that change is needed to modernize our courts and laws, improve the experience of litigants, make the justice system more effective, and ultimately reduce costs. This section offers recommendations for improving court operations, data collection and disclosure, and streamlined legislation in the areas of virtual witnessing, commercial leases, and enforcement of money judgments.

Ensuring Fairness for Everyone

One of the core principles of our justice system is the equality, inclusion and protection of human rights for everyone, particularly our most vulnerable residents and those challenged by difficult circumstances. We need to address issues in public policies, programs and legislation to ensure that the LGBTQ2S+ community, mental health detainees, vehicle accident victims, seniors and small businesses are treated fairly and with respect.