Stability for Business

Civil, criminal and family matters are dealt with by the same courts, so delays in any case slows down all cases. Businesses that face long waits to access the justice system incur greater costs of doing business in BC. If you are attempting to collect a debt or resolve a dispute with your tenants, you need reasonably quick and efficient access to the courts.

When businesses cannot get access to the justice system in a timely manner, investment decisions may be delayed and frustration builds. Businesses would prefer to resolve their disputes quickly and efficiently so that energy can instead be spent on making investments that grow business and create jobs in British Columbia. That is why the CBABC’s recommendations, which have been endorsed by the BC Chamber of Commerce, around the funding of legal aid and the Court Services Branch, and maintaining an appropriate complement of Provincial Court judges, are sound policy decisions in support of business, as well as families and communities.

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