Calls for Consultation

The BC government and other organizations routinely seek input from CBABC or the public through “Calls for Consultation”.

CBABC highlights here the Consultations for which groups of members are preparing or considering a submission in response. CBABC members are invited to contribute their thoughts to this collective submission. The specified deadline for this input is in advance of the consultation’s formal deadline.

For a complete list of BC Government Consultations, visit Legislative Assembly of BC - Public Consultations and govTogetherBC.

Questions? Contact Jo-Anne Stark, Director of Advocacy at

Note: Calls for Consultation are archived after the deadline has passed.


BCLI: Public Hearings on Land Use and Planning

  • May 02, 2022

The British Columbia Law Institute has released a paper on how public hearings could be changed to improve the consultation process on land use and land planning in BC. This study paper may play a helpful role for groups interested in law reform. CBABC Members are invited to indicate their interest in responding to this study paper and developing CBABC recommendations for reform by contacting the Director of Advocacy at, by May 19, 2022.

Provincial Government

BC Government: Adult Guardianship Act Review

  • May 02, 2022

The BC government has established a working group to review the adult abuse and neglect framework contained within the Adult Guardianship Act. The working group would appreciate the input of CBABC in their review. Some topic areas that have been identified for consideration include the scope and application of the Act, responses by designated agencies, and the adult’s involvement in the process and their rights.