Waiver or Adjournment Form

  • June 24, 2019

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has issued a Waiver or Adjournment form for use in detention review proceedings under s. 525 of the Criminal Code. Defence counsel may complete and submit the form on behalf of an accused person in relation to whom an application has been made under s. 525. The form provides a paper method for the accused to waive the detention review or to adjourn the scheduling hearing to a later date without appearing in court.

The form is available on the Supreme Court website (www.bccourts.ca/supreme_court/) under the heading “Section 525 Detention Review” in the Practice Directions - Criminal section. A copy is also attached to this email.

The first page of the Waiver or Adjournment form contains directions regarding its use. It is expected that the form will eventually be incorporated into an updated practice direction.

Please also refer to CPD-4: Interim Procedure for Detention Reviews Under s. 525 of the Criminal Code for information regarding the detention review process.