The Roundtables are now concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated in them across the province.

Download the Intentions Paper

County Date Time
Nanaimo County (virtual) Mon, Oct 3 5:00pm
Kootenay County (virtual) Tue, Oct 4 5:00pm
Victoria County (virtual) Wed, Oct 5 1:00pm
Downtown Vancouver (in-person) Thu, Oct 6 3:00pm
Downtown Victoria (in-person) Tue, Oct 11 4:00pm
BC North (virtual) Wed, Oct 12 1:00pm
Yale County (virtual) Wed, Oct 12 3:00pm
Vancouver (virtual) Thu, Oct 13 9:00am
New Westminster (virtual) Thu, Oct 13 5:30pm
Surrey (virtual) Tue, Oct 18 5:00pm
Kelowna (in-person) Wed, Oct 19 5:00pm