The Aboriginal Community in Canada is the fastest growing population with more than 50 per cent under 25 years. In addition, many Aboriginal persons are returning to school as mature students. Recent studies have identified that a significant number of placements at BC law schools specifically set aside for Aboriginal persons remain vacant each year, due in part to the inability of qualified candidates being able to fund their post graduate studies.

This exciting partnership with Indspire (formerly known as the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) recognizes that a legal education contributes to capacity building within the Aboriginal community in governance, businesses, social and human rights and acknowledges the rapidly expanding legal needs of a growing Aboriginal population by paving the road for current and future leaders and lawyers of Aboriginal ancestry.


Scholarship Agreement

Canadian Bar Association BC Branch and Indspire (formerly National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation)
June 11, 2012
April 26, 2007

Provincial Council Resolutions

Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch) Aboriginal Law School Scholarships
June 21, 2003

Aboriginal Law Student Scholarship Fund Resolution
June 18, 2005

Aboriginal Law Student Scholarship Fund Resolution
June 23, 2007

The Law Society of British Columbia 

Committee Report: Addressing Discriminatory Barriers Facing Aboriginal Law Students and Lawyers
April, 2000