BC Justice Review

The Justice Review Task Force was established on the initiative of the Law Society of BC, in March 2002. The Task Force consisted of the following senior representatives:

  • Former Chief Justice Donald Brenner, Supreme Court of British Columbia
  • The late Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield, Provincial Court of British Columbia
  • Law Society of BC – William M Everett, QC (Chair), Law Society of British Columbia [Former President, Law Society of British Columbia]
  • Canadian Bar Association – Robert Brun, QC, Canadian Bar Association [Bencher, Law Society of British Columbia and Former President, Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch]
  • Former Deputy Attorney General Allan P Seckel, QC, British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General
  • Assistant Deputy Minister Jerry McHale, QC, Justice Services Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General

The objective of the Task Force was to identify a wide range of reform ideas and initiatives that could help us make the justice system more responsive, accessible and cost-effective. To this end, the Task Force provided a forum for its participants to exchange information, engage in mutual consultation respecting proposed administrative, procedural or program changes, and coordinate initiatives where appropriate.

There were three primary Working Groups. Their findings and reports are available on the Ministry of Justice Website.

  • Civil Justice Working Group
  • Family Justice Reform Working Group
  • Street Crime Working Group