Dispute Resolution Service

Who ME, Stressed About Conflict?

Different communication styles… bullying… personality clashes… misunderstandings… stress and procrastination… when these things happen between two lawyers, it can interfere with productivity, client results and emotional well-being.

If you have a conflict with another lawyer or staff, and you’re looking for outside help to resolve it, try the new CBABC Dispute Resolution Service.

Volunteer lawyer/mediators are available to talk through the problem with you in complete confidence. They will help you decide whether or not it’s a Law Society matter, give you suggestions for how to handle it, and even intervene as a mediator if both parties agree.

For more complex cases, a fee-for-service option may be recommended, but for the large majority of lawyers, this service is completely free -- another “Lawyers Helping Lawyers” CBA initiative.

Contact the DR Service for more information at 604.646.7864.