Submission: Modernizing the Supreme Court of British Columbia’s Scheduling System for Civil Matters

  • September 27, 2021

Guided by members’ concerns and recommendations, CBABC prepared a written submission to the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Ministry of Attorney General with recommendations to improve efficiency of court scheduling and e-filing.

CBABC members have consistently linked the current call-in scheduling system to continuing access to justice problems in BC. The assize system, lack of access to e-filing and the regular chambers process also exacerbated these problems.

CBABC recommends court services:

  1. develop an online and write-in application process for long chambers applications;
  2. implement this process province-wide, reducing negative effects from the assize system;
  3. implement e-filing and continue online hearings to alleviate scheduling problems and reduce delays;
  4. further reform regular chambers scheduling  to alleviate spill-over problems from long hearings; and
  5. better collection of data to inform decisions around court scheduling.

Through Provincial Council, Committees, Sections and a request for input to the entire membership, members provided input to the Court Services Committee about concerns and innovative solutions.

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