Submission to Harry Cayton: Self-Regulation and LSBC

  • October 26, 2021

The Law Society of BC has appointed Harry Cayton to conduct an independent review of its governance and how it meets the needs of the public and legal profession.

CBABC was invited to provide a submission to Mr. Cayton, which includes recommendations for improvements.

CBABC made the following recommendations to improve LSBC’s governance structure and to ensure that it continues its role without government interference:

  1. Make a clear delineation of LSBC as the legal profession’s regulator;
  2. Cease providing continuing professional development programming;
  3. Cease granting awards to its membership;
  4. Prepare to effectively supervise non-lawyers;
  5. Reduce the number of benchers;
  6. Consider implementing a time gap between service on advocacy organizations and LSBC; and
  7. Increase transparency in recruitment to committees and task force/working groups, and reconsider their make-up.

The CBABC Professional Issues Committee spent several months reviewing and discussing the findings contained in Mr. Cayton’s earlier report on the College of Dental Surgeons, as well as aspects of the LSBC governance structure. The Committee’s submission to Mr. Cayton clarifies the respective roles of CBABC and LSBC, and presents several recommendations to improve the governance structure at LSBC.

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