Release of BC Judicial Compensation Commission 2022 Final Report to the AG and Chief Judge of the Provincial Court

  • May 23, 2023

The Judicial Compensation Commission 2022 has released their Final Report, which recommends a "significant correction” in BC Provincial Court judges’ and judicial justices’ salaries. The report highlights that a salary increase would:  

  • Attract more highly qualified candidates from diverse legal backgrounds; 
  • Align more closely with salaries of judges and judicial justices’ across Canada; and 
  • Align with the strength of B.C.’s positive economic forecast. 

The report also outlines concerns raised in consultation around the process and the government’s recurrent rejection of the Commission’s recommendations, noting that perpetual litigation and uncertain salary serves to deter high-quality applicants to the bench. The Commission asserts that “[if] this process is working properly, rejection should be the exception, not the norm”. 

In January 2023, CBABC delivered a submission to the Judicial Compensation Commission 2022 which recommended a significant increase to the base salary of Provincial Court judges and judicial justices. We highlighted the enormous challenges that members of the judiciary have faced in recent years and that increased compensation will help ensure high-quality applicants and appointments to the bench. 

Under the Judicial Compensation Act, an independently appointed Judicial Compensation Commission, which makes recommendations on the remuneration, allowances and benefits of Provincial Court judges and judicial justices, convenes every four years.