Response from Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General: Community Accountability Program Guidelines

  • September 12, 2023

The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General responded to a CBABC submission endorsing the expansion of Community Accountability Program (CAP) guidelines. The submission recommended guidelines be amended to accept, where appropriate, referrals to restorative justice programs for power-based crimes. This would help community-based restorative justice programs connected to CAP funding expand their services without fear of jeopardizing funding and increase access to restorative justice. 

In their response, the Ministry advised they are holding consultations on the limitation of types of services that can be provided by CAPs and will provide an update when available. In addition, they noted that each CAP is currently provided with up to $4,000 a year and that CAPs are eligible to receive funding from various sources including provincial grants. Also highlighted were the government’s ongoing stakeholder consultations on the allocation of recent restorative justice funding, as was our Restorative Justice Committee’s participation in the process.  

The Ministry expressed appreciation for CBABC’s advocacy and invited further engagement as their restorative justice initiatives progress. 

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