Submission to Attorney General: Virtual Court Interfaces

  • June 23, 2023

On June 23, CBABC delivered a submission to the Ministry of Attorney General recommending a more intentional approach to the design of virtual courtrooms.   

We requested the Court Services Branch:  

  • Consider the architecture of virtual courtrooms to preserve a sense of occasion and formality;  
  • Enhance the digital “journey” before entering a virtual courtroom to prepare users, ease their anxiety, and address any technological concerns before a hearing; and  
  • Facilitate remote court appearances by offering public locations with digital access so that those with limited digital skills, resources, or with safety concerns, can attend.

A better-designed virtual court would create experiences that meet users’ expectations and help the judiciary with “judging virtually” too.  This  would promote access to justice for litigants, strengthen public confidence in the court and judicial system, and help promote the adoption of virtual hearings amongst the judiciary by addressing their concerns. 

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