Submission to Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General: CAP Guidelines

  • July 18, 2023

CBABC members have heard from local restorative justice organizations that a lack of funding is their biggest barrier to offering programs. Community Accountability Programs (CAP) are a major source of funding for Restorative Justice services. However, there is a conflict between the types of offences that Restorative Justice organizations funded by CAP can accept for referral, to receive continued funding, and the types of offences that the BC Prosecution Service is authorized to refer to restorative justice. 

CBABC argues that expanding the CAP guidelines to incorporate power-based crimes, where suitable, would: 

  • enable community-based restorative justice programs connected to the Community Accountability Program funding to expand their work without fear of jeopardizing funding;  
  • offer Crown Counsel more opportunities to make such referrals where they deem appropriate; and 
  • increase British Columbians ability to access restorative justice services and increase public confidence in our justice system. 

We recognize that a restorative justice approach may not always be suitable, and that precautions may need to be considered, particularly around the vulnerability of those involved. 

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