Indigenous Leadership

Isabel F. Jackson (Chair and representative to Executive Committee)

Kennedy Bear Robe

Nicole B. Iaci

Robyn Gervais

Michelle Casavant

Katelyn E. Crabtree

George N.F. Hungerford

Randolph W. Robinson

Karenna L. Williams

Policy & Advocacy Committee
George (Geordie) Hungerford

Access to Justice Committee
Myrna McCallum

Judicial Council Advisory Committee
Myrna McCallum

BarTalk Editorial Committee
Randy Robinson

Indigenous Justice Advocacy Committee

John Gailus (Chair)

Sebastian Ennis

Dustin Horvat

Perbeen Mann

Myrna McCallum

Paul Pearson

Sarah Rauch

Declan Redman

Bill Veenstra QC

Truth & Reconciliation Committee

Karey Brooks (Co-Chair)

Geordie Hungerford (Co-Chair)

Kennedy Bear Robe

Frank Durnford

Art Grant

Stacey Jessiman de Naunteuil

Merrill Shepard                               

Louisa Winn