Progress Reports

2022 CBABC Reconciliation Action Plan

The current CBABC Reconciliation Action Plan was finalized by the CBABC Board of Directors in December 2022. The Plan guides our Board in establishing priorities and objectives each year and our staff in executing annual operating plans.

The Plan covers a three-year period from 2023 to 2025. Progress will be reported annually in the CBABC Annual Report.

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2018 CBABC Reconciliation Action Plan

In March 2016, the Canadian Bar Association published its response to the Calls to Action, fully supporting the goal of achieving reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples and commending the TRC for its invaluable contribution to this process.

CBABC published our first Reconciliation Action Plan in September 2018 and reported on progress annually in the CBABC Annual Report.

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2022/23 Reconciliation Report

2021/22 Reconciliation Report

2020/21 Reconciliation Report

2019/20 Reconciliation Report

2018/19 Reconciliation Report