Lawyers Helping Lawyers


Practice Advisory Panels (PAP) are listings of senior practitioners who volunteer to assist other lawyers seeking advice on a particular aspect of the law, in order to best serve their clients. CBA members are welcome to contact panel members by phone or email.

There is no expectation of referral, nor any monetary compensation. A panelist has generally practiced for over ten years and could present CLE on their area of expertise. Practice Advisory Panels are available for viewing only by CBABC members.


The Discipline Defence Counsel Roster is a list of lawyers who have put their names forward to be available to counsel other members of the Bar who are before the Discipline Committee of the Law Society of BC.

The roster is available to CBA members, as a benefit of CBA membership. The Discipline Defence Counsel is a roster made available to members of the BC Bar who are facing Law Society investigations and/or disciplinary proceedings.


The Member Dispute Resolution (MDR) Service delivers education, advice, conflict and dispute resolution services to BC lawyers. It applies to all types of disputes that could arise between lawyer-to-lawyer, lawyer-to-staff and personal conflicts in the course of their law practices.

This MDR Service deals only with issues that are not required to be reported to the Law Society of BC. This service relies on a team of volunteer CBA members who are experienced ADR-lawyer volunteers, and on CBABC administrative staff. The design of the entire project ensures confidentiality throughout first contact with the MDR Service as well as during and after provision of the Service.

For more complex cases, a fee-for-service option may be recommended, but for the large majority of lawyers, this service is completely free -- another “Lawyers Helping Lawyers” CBA initiative.