Write or Teach

Write an article for BarTalk magazine

BarTalk magazine discusses legal news and issues from across BC. It is published six times per year and available at cbabc.org/bartalk.

Issue themes and article ideas are decided several months in advance. All idea submissions are approved by the BarTalk Editorial Committee at their bi-monthly meetings.

For accepted articles, the final content is due approximately four weeks before the publication date. Please contact bartalk@cbabc.org for more information.

Participate as a panelist or moderator

Section meetings cover important issues specific to a practice or interest area. If you are interested in presenting to any of our BC Sections, please contact sections@cbabc.org.

Professional development programs can be specific to a practice area, cover wide-interest practice management topics. or focus on topical issues. If you are interested in volunteering your expertise, please contact pd@cbabc.org.

To give you an idea of the range of events organized by CBABC, visit our Program & Events Schedule