Forensics for Lawyers

In a digital world, lawyers are being called upon to preserve and produce admissible forensic evidence supported by expert testimony when their case depends on it. Having a full breadth of knowledge and experience in computer forensics and electronic evidence can make or break your case. These webinars will give you the foresight of how to work with, and when to retain, your computer forensic expert and the questions to ask in preparation for your case.


Learn about computer forensics and electronically stored information (ESI) from the experts. Jonathan G. Penner is the co-author of the leading Canadian ESI text, Electronic Evidence in Canada (Carswell, 2010). Michael T. Mulligan is a leading criminal defense counsel with computer forensics training.

In this course, you will learn:
• the basics of computer forensics and the appropriate inferences to draw from forensic examinations of computers;
• what ESI is, how ESI is used, admission of ESI as evidence in both the civil and criminal trial context

This course won’t make you a computer expert. This course will:
• teach you what questions to ask regarding computer forensics and ESI;
• provide you with an update on new developments in computer forensics and ESI;
• help you protect information in your practice and assist you in advising and protecting your clients while navigating the choppy waters of ESI and computer forensics

Michael T. Mulligan, Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corporation
Jonathan G. Penner, Ministry of Justice-Legal Services Branch-Constitutional & Administrative Law

Stuart Rennie, Legislation and Law Reform Officer, CBABC

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