Clean Energy Amendment Act, 2020 (Bill 17)

  • July 09, 2020

View the full Act here: CLEAN ENERGY AMENDMENT ACT, 2020 (BILL 17)

Amended: Clean Energy Act, S.B.C. 2010, c. 22

Summary: Bill 17 amends the Clean Energy Act, including to:

  • Repeal BC’s energy objectives to achieve electricity self-sufficiency and to be a net exporter of electricity from clean or renewable resources as specified and add a new objective to serve grid-connected customers with clean electricity;
    • Originally "Repeal all of BC’s energy objectives except prohibiting use of nuclear power and adding an objective to serve grid-connected customers with clean electricity;"
  • Create a duty for regulated persons to comply with prescribed requirements regarding generation and acquisition of clean electricity to meet the demand of grid-connected customers, this including filing of compliance reports and requests for information;
  • Remove Burrard Thermal, located in Port Moody, from the list of heritage assets so that BC Hydro may consider selling, leasing or otherwise disposing of Burrard Thermal.

In Force: On Royal Assent