Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2020 (Bill 23)

  • July 20, 2020

View the full bill here: WORKERS COMPENSATION AMENDMENT ACT, 2020 (BILL 23)

Amended:  Workers Compensation Act, R.S.B.C. 2019, c. 1

Summary: Bill 23 amends the Workers Compensation Act, including to:

  • Add a new power authorizing search and seizure warrants;
  • Provide that compensation is payable for a mental disorder as if the mental disorder were a personal injury arising out of employment and add a reference to mental disorder in the Act's 1 year time limit for submittng a worker's compensation claim;
  • Allow for payment for services and supplies before a worker's entitlement has been determined;
  • Increase the maximum wage rate to $100,000 for 2021;
  • Remove, regarding a regulation relating to an occupational disease caused by a communicable viral pathogen (including COVID-19), the requirement for a minimum of 90 days between deposit and effective date;
  • Empower the Board to make a demand on a third party, including a savings institution, regarding an employer’s debt owed to the Board;
  • Provide for liability of a corporate director for amounts owed by a corporation to the Board;
  • Broaden the confidentiality obligation to apply to all information relating to an appeal under Part 7 (Appeals to Appeal Tribunal).

In Force: On Royal Assent or January 1, 2021 for specified provisions

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