Truth & Reconciliation: Working Together

How can you meaningfully advance reconciliation in your law practice?

Our 3-part series focusses on transforming how we work and engage with Indigenous communities. The series, complimentary for CBABC members, can help you discover how you can develop strong, symbiotic business relationships with Indigenous peoples.

Thank you Clark Wilson for sponsoring this series.

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Part 1: Indigenous Laws in Practice

A solid understanding of how Indigenous laws, legal orders, and principles intersect with the everyday practice of law is helpful in meaningfully and effectively working with Indigenous clients and communities. Hear from speakers on how to shift knowledge into practice, ultimately enhancing your ability to work towards reconciliation with your clients.

Part 2: Working with Indigenous Clients & Community in Practice

Indigenous intercultural awareness training must be transformed to be able to recognize when trauma has occurred and to avoid re-traumatizing clients. The panelists explore challenges of current training methods to help lawyers discover and take on new, trauma-informed practices that better support Indigenous clients.

Part 3: Building Business Relationships

Find out how you can identify and understand the governance structure of the Indigenous community you are working with and how to work effectively with Bands, Band Councils and Hereditary Chiefs. Through a case study approach, panelists talk about different decision-making processes and strategies that can help build strong business relationships with Indigenous communities, whose economic activity is growing.