Returning to the Office: A CBABC Webinar Series

Part 1: Occupational Health and Safety | Access

Dr. Chris Stewart-Patterson presents practical strategies for returning to the workplace and shares current medical information as it pertains to COVID-19. Dr. Stewart-Patterson has a background in Occupational Medicine and epidemiology, and consulting experience in developing return to work protocols.

Part 2: Mental Health and Wellness | Access

Derek LaCroix, QC discusses the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health and wellness and ways to cope to relieve stress, fear, and anxiety about returning to work. Know the signs of stress and anxiety, and learn how to calm distress with valuable resources, helping you and your clients navigate through this transition to the new norm.

Part 3: Employment Rules & Regulations | Access

Our expert panelists discuss the employment rules and regulations for returning to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.