Lawyers Assistance Program

What is LAPBC?

LAPBC is an independent organization of members of the BC legal community (lawyers, articling and law students, judges, families and support staff).

As legal professionals themselves, they understand the unique problems that all legal professionals face. LAPBC’s committed volunteers throughout the province provide confidential, compassionate, and knowledgeable help, including outreach, support and education.

What does LAPBC do?

LAPBC provides counselling, peer support and referral services to help people deal with personal problems – including alcohol and drug dependence, stress and anxiety, depression and other issues.

LAPBC members work with individuals to help them come up with solutions for the individual’s specific issue.

How can LAPBC help you?

LAPBC invites you to contact them anytime. All conversations and inquiries are confidential.

Phone: 604.685.2171 or 1.888.685.2171


You can also visit to learn more about their services.