Mental Wellness

Strong psychological health is vital to coping in the high-stress world of law.


A series of hour-long, on-demand conversations that focus on the current challenges and overall well-being of lawyer and legal professionals. Learn more.

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CBA Resources

Starting the Conversation about Mental Health in the Profession

CBA Wellness
This program offers support, advice and training to Lawyer Assistance Programs serving Canada's legal professionals. We conduct research into the personal and professional challenges affecting lawyers. We develop programs to address them and to help lawyers lead healthy, happy lives. Learn more

Lawyers and Depression: Three Case Studies

Opening Remarks

Mindful Lawyer CPD Series

Mental Health

Lawyers with Depression is a blog written by Dan Lukasik and guest authors to help law students, lawyers, and judges cope with and heal from depression.

Opening Remarks is an initiative of the Ontario Bar Association intended to advance the conversation about mental health and personal wellbeing among lawyers.

Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students

This guide from helps to identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues for college students and where and when to seek help. Left untreated, these issues can become debilitating for students, so whether you feel you are experiencing these issues or find yourself concerned for a friend or peer, it is important to take action now.

Workplace Stress

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health - Great West Life


Psychology Today

Some articles tagged with “resilience” from Psychology Today.

Resilience and Lawyer Negativity

Dr. Larry Richard discusses how lawyers “consistently score low on a trait called Resilience.”

The Resilient Lawyer

An article from Slaw about being a resilient lawyer.

The Road to Resilience

How do people deal with difficult events that change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events: these are all examples of very challenging life experiences. Many people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty.

The American Psychological Association has a guide to help you on The Road to Resilience.


The Adaptable Lawyer

The Adaptable Lawyer: Staying Practical in Today’s Complex Legal Environment is a report on staying adaptable as a lawyer.

Stress Management

Coping with Stress and Avoiding Burnout: Techniques for Lawyers

An article from CBA’s Practice Link with some tips on how to deal with Stress and Burnout.

The Healthy Lawyer: Stress Management

Some information and ideas about how to manage your stress in the legal world.

Preventing Burnout

A Lawyer’s Guide To Dealing With Burnout

A Lawyer’s Guide To Dealing With Burnout: Does Burnout Mean I Should Leave My Job Or The Law Altogether from Lawyers with Depression on dealing with lawyer burnout.

Burnout: A Necessary Part of Lawyers’ Lives?

A frank discussion about lawyer burnout and some ideas on how to manage it.

Pressure Proof: 7 Strategies to Prevent Burnout

Psychology Today offers strategies to help lawyers prevent burnout.

Preventing an Unhealthy Relationship with Alcohol

Drink Up: Alcohol and Moderation

Some health information about alcohol from Whole Living.

What is healthy drinking?

The University of California’s article on What is healthy drinking also discusses why people drink.

Dealing with Perfectionism

How to Overcome Perfectionism

A report from Anxiety BC on how to overcome perfectionism.

Perfectionist or High Performer? Which Are You?

An article from Slaw about perfectionism in law.