Relationships & Communications

Healthy coping for the challenges of interacting with others, professionally and personally.

Client Relationships

Great Expectations: A lawyer-client handbook

The CBA has produced Great Expectations: A lawyer-client handbook to help lawyers and clients better understand each other’s needs.

Managing the lawyer/client relationship

Information and links from PracticePRO about managing relationships.

Relationship to Clients

An excerpt from The Law Society of BC’s Code of Professional Conduct for BC, focused on the lawyer/client relationship.


Successfully Juggling Work and Family: Tips for Lawyers

Rushing to the day care before it closes, taking your budding soccer star to a weekend tournament, attending parent-teacher interviews, and still meeting your targets for billable hours… combining family responsibilities with a legal career is not easy.

Collegial Relationships

Conflicts Rules Leave Room for (Careful) Collegiality

Consulting with more experienced colleagues to confirm that you’re on the right track in resolving a problem is natural and commendable in any profession. Working in isolation is inefficient, and leads to preventable errors. Without access to information about others’ experience, we’re forced to make our own mistakes. For this reason, sole practitioners are routinely encouraged to seek out mentors and advisers from among the broader bar.

Building Business Relationships

Building Trusted Client Partnerships: A Checklist

Some tips for building partnerships, including “[t]reat old clients like new clients,” “[p]rovide value in new ways,’ and “[f]ocus on client service.”

Five Keys to Building a Referral Marketing Program

Most firms want work from referral sources. It’s that “word of mouth” source of business that’s elusive to many, but highly valued by all.

CBA’s Practice Link offers Five Keys to Building a Referral Marketing Program.