Work-life Balance

Prioritize your career and downtime in a healthy way.

Identifying Individual Priorities & Making Time For Them

5 Tips For Making Time For Yourself Despite Competing Priorities

Five tips from Forbes on how to create more time in your day while being bombarded with demands.

Own the clock

CBA’s Practice Link presents the top 10 time management tips, from lawyers, for lawyers.

Time Management Tip #4: Prioritize

Legal Ease Blog has some tips on how to set your priorities.


The Practice: Get a Hobby

Above the Law discusses hobbies for lawyers, and how they can be the best marketing tool around.

Life After Law – I’m Retiring, Now What?

Retirement for Lawyers

There are many things to do when you retired. Coach for Lawyers discusses some ideas.

Meditation / Time to Be

How To Be Mindful When You Don't Have Time To Meditate

The idea of meditation is attractive, but we don’t always have ten minutes to steal away and sit with our thoughts. Here are three things you can do instead.

How To Find Time To Meditate

Scheduled meditation may seem a little unromantic, a little type-A, a little anal-retentive. But scheduling something means that it's important. Writing something down, especially writing by hand on a sheet of paper, has a powerful effect on the memory. By writing a schedule for your meditation, you commit to that appointment. You also say to yourself that you value your own well-being enough to take time during the day for yourself.

Lawyers turn to meditation to fight stress and improve performance

Canadian Lawyer Magazine on the increasing popularity of meditation amongst lawyers.

Giving & Volunteering

Access Pro Bono

Access Pro Bono’s mission is to promote access to justice in British Columbia by providing and fostering quality pro bono legal services for people and non-profit organizations of limited means.

CBABC Volunteers

Visit the CBABC’s Volunteers page to see current volunteer opportunities.

Being on the Board – Director Roles

Lawyers in the Boardroom

Why practitioners need to take precautions before agreeing to serve on boards.