A key finding from the 2023 surveys shows that salaries are predicted to increase by 4% on average in 2024. Moreover, almost half of participating firms provide a Wellness Account to their employees with an average dollar amount of $560.


Each year, CBABC partners with the BC Legal Management Association (BCLMA) to produce and distribute two surveys that help BC’s law firms understand the competitive landscape for charge-out rates and business services compensation and benefits. In this changing world, benchmark information is integral for compensation planning.

Charge-Out Rate Survey Report

Are your charge-out rates giving you a market edge? This survey includes charge-out rates for lawyers (by year of call), support staff, and articling students. Also included: an analysis of the number of hours paralegals are expected to charge to client accounts each year.

Business Services Compensation and Benefits Survey Report

Is your firm set-up to retain talent? Broken down by firm size and geographic location, this report includes current salaries and bonuses on 70+ administrative positions as well as market information on group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices.

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