Practice Coaches Program

Do you remember a time when you needed assistance from another lawyer? Would you like to leverage your extensive experience and give back to the profession?

The Practice Coaches Program is an exciting new program that will provide a collection of senior practitioners available on a pro bono basis to lawyers who need advice on a particular legal issue or file.

Practice Coaches is an initiative founded to support early career lawyers needing short term and topic-specific coaching on the next right thing to do on a specific file or unfamiliar issue. This is especially true for lawyers practicing in small firms where this expertise may not be available in-house.

Interested in becoming a Practice Coach?

CBABC Practice Coaches are made up of practicing lawyers called for a minimum of ten years, who could present CPD on their area of expertise. There is no expectation of referral, nor any monetary compensation. It is anticipated that Practice Coaches may receive 4-6 calls per year lasting between 15-30 minutes. With a flexible schedule, this is a great program to start or expand your volunteerism with CBABC.

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Coaches are expected to be available to members by phone or email and to make every effort to respond to requests in a timely manner.

We anticipate Coaches will receive approximately 4-6 requests per year and most conversations will take up to 30 minutes. These metrics will be validated by surveying Coaches after year 1.

Coaches will be asked to serve for three years to provide continuity and stability to the program. Each year, staff will review their LSBC credentials to confirm practicing status and disciplinary record. After three years, volunteers will need to reaffirm their interest in serving for another three years.

Coaches must maintain CBABC membership for the entirety of their term.


Coaches must have the following qualifications (to be confirmed by CBABC):

  • CBABC member in good standing
  • Practicing lawyer (full or part-time status with LSBC)
  • Called for a minimum of 10 years
  • Can’t have been disciplined by LSBC or have an outstanding citation.

In addition, Coaches attest to having the following experience:

  • Have practiced for at least 8 of the last 10 years
  • Practiced substantively in the areas identified on the form
  • Could present CLE on their area of expertise

Jo Smith
Sub Specialties: Real Estate Development & Foreclosure

Jo is a Real Estate Lawyer with 15+ years of experience in this area of practice. Jo was awarded the Superstar award in 2002 for excellence in team leadership at their firm and a province wide acknowledgment for service to their home community. Jo is excited to offer their years of knowledge to other lawyers who may be struggling with the unique challenges that come with Real Estate Law. Jo encourages you to contact them by email to set up a time to discuss a file or issue that you would like an extra set of eyes on.

Contact Jo at 000-000-0000