Client Care Guide

Successful communication and proper client care is tantamount to your success as a lawyer. The guides below can assist you in enhancing your interpersonal skills and your relationships with your clients.

The Basics of Client Care
This guide defines client care, lists ten ways to improve communication, and shares specific tips for different areas of practice.

The Difficult Client
Occasionally, you may encounter a difficult client. This guide defines the different profiles of difficult clients and how to deal with these personality types.

Language and Listening
Poor client communication is among the top sources of complaints to the Law Society. This guide discusses the importance of listening and using clear language to avoid misunderstandings with your client.

Letter of Engagement
Having a clear letter of engagement put in writing is crucial to avoid miscommunication between you and your client. This guide spells out the six elements that must be included in your letter.

Managing and Training Client Relations
Within the firm, client relations must be nurtured and supported. This guide, designed for managing partners and senior lawyers, discusses how they can train their colleagues to develop their client relations.