welcome to the cbabc robe bank!

Court robes. They are expensive. But many new lawyers need them to start their practice.

Our solution? CBABC Robe Bank receives robes from the people who have them and loans to the people who need them.

Make a donation

Are you retiring? Or maybe updating your robes? Donate your robe to a good cause! We accept dry-cleaned robes and waistcoats in good condition from around the province.

Plus, you can add the story of your robe’s legal adventures – so new lawyers can hear the lessons that sprung from that robe’s journey. Over time, they will add their stories so you can follow your robe’s future adventures.

Donate Now

Borrow a robe — Coming in 2022

Whether you need garments for your call ceremony, or for your first year as a new litigator, we loan robes and waistcoats.

Once you are done, return the dry-cleaned garments to CBABC so someone else can use them.

Add to the robe's story — let the original owner and subsequent borrowers follow the adventures of the robe.

We'll be opening our Borrower's form as soon as we have sufficient inventory.

Questions about the CBABC Robe Bank? Email robebank@cbabc.org

We thank our colleagues at the Ontario Bar Association for creating the first CBA Robe Bank and sharing their resources and experience with us.