Annual Report 2021-2022

  • July 21, 2022

Summary of Meetings: ADR - Nanaimo

Number of Meetings Held:5

October 07, 2021
Registration Count: 14
Guest Speaker: Stephen McPhee, RLR Lawyers Nancy Merrill, Merrill Long and Company Dean Oliphant, Health Law LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Family Mediation - Reflections and Perspectives as Counsel and Mediator
Synopsis: Nanaimo Family Law lawyers and mediators Stephen McPhee, Nancy Merrill and Dean Oliphant discussed mediation from a counsel and mediator perspective. This panel discussionincluded best practises as counsel preparing for and attending mediation.

December 02, 2021
Registration Count: 13
Guest Speaker: Cinnie Noble, Founder, CINERGY® Coaching
Meeting Title/Topic: Mediation and Coaching: Siblings by Different Parents
Synopsis: Discussed the relationship between mediation and coaching and how she intertwines these different practices.

February 03, 2022
Registration Count: 18
Guest Speaker: Kellie Tennant BSW, MSW, Child Protection Mediator
Meeting Title/Topic: Cultural Awareness During Negotiation and Mediation
Synopsis: Reviewed the Cultural Competence Self-assessment Checklist

April 14, 2022
Registration Count: 9
Guest Speaker: Shawn Bryant
Meeting Title/Topic: Ethical Dilemmas in Mediation
Synopsis: Round-table discussion emphasizing the aspect of being a community of practice. Open for participants to share their experiences of ethical dilemmas, and how they chose to respond to them.

June 02, 2022
Registration Count: 21
Guest Speaker: Pam Penner
Meeting Title/Topic: Emotional Ambush: Facing Unexpected Intensity
Synopsis: Discussion explored a couple “war stories” and the underlying emotional experience that may have triggered outbursts of emotion, what drove the outbursts, and what we as mediators can do to handle intense emotional climates.