Electric Engines in Seaplanes

  • November 08, 2019

This meeting was held at 12:00 PM at Alexander Holburn LLP in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Unfortunately, our intended speaker, Roei Ganzarski of MagniX was unable to attend. It is hoped that we might be able to reschedule a meeting with Mr. Ganzarski at some point in the future. MagniX is developing and manufacturing electric motors designed for use in commercial aviation. They are working to develop high-power-density electric motors which can power airplanes cleanly and more efficiently.

Harbour Air, the local float plane operator, is significantly involved in the project. It is working with MagniX to convert one if its aircraft to electricity, presumably a DHC-2 deHavilland Beaver, and then expand to its entire fleet. Numerous milestones have been passed and it is expected that the first flight may occur in the next few months.

In the absence of a speaker, those members present held an open discussion regarding current events involving aviation matters. This included recent case law, and newly enacted regulations. The members also discussed potential ideas for future meetings and possible speakers.

Gary Abrams noted that the BC Courthouse library no longer purchases the annual Annals of Air and Space Law published by McGill. He encouraged members to lobby the library to reconsider its decision and to renew the subscription.

The next meeting will be scheduled for 2020.


Duration of meeting was 1.0 hours. Of this, 1 hour can be counted towards CPD.

Submitted by Section Secretary: Darryl G. Pankratz, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP