Annual Report 2021-2022

  • July 21, 2022

Summary of Meetings: Business Law

Number of Meetings Held:6

November 17, 2021
Registration Count: 55
Guest Speaker: Katherine Booth, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP Jade Buchanan, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Cybersecurity Law for Business Lawyers
Synopsis: How to help clients navigate cybersecurity incidents, starting from developing incident preparedness and response plans right through to the resulting litigation.

January 18, 2022
Registration Count: 176
Guest Speaker: Rohan Sethi, KPMG LLP Jason Thalla-Joel, KPMG LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: Financial Elements of Purchase and Sale Agreements
Synopsis: Discussion of common financial statements and post-closing mechanisms in the context of purchase and sale transactions. Best advise for your clients via risk mitigation strategies, manners of avoiding common pitfalls, and typical warning signs and disputes.

February 09, 2022
Registration Count: 80
Guest Speaker: Kareen Zimmer and Richard Berrow of Fasken
Meeting Title/Topic: Representation and Warranty Insurance in M&A Transactions
Synopsis: Discussion of the use of representations and warranties insurance in M&A transactions.

March 10, 2022
Registration Count: 112
Guest Speaker: Christine Duhaime of Fusion Intelligence
Meeting Title/Topic: Anti-Money Laundering Update for Business Lawyers
Synopsis: Latest developments in anti-money laundering law, with Christine Duhaime of Fusion Intelligence. Ms. Duhaime is a financial crime expert with over 20 years of advisory, investigative and advocacy experience.

April 26, 2022
Registration Count: 67
Guest Speaker: Dr. Janis Sarra, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia and Principal Co-Investigator, Canada Climate Initiative, UBC Centre for Business Law
Meeting Title/Topic: Environmental and Social Governance in 2022
Synopsis: Discussed how ESG fits within more traditional governance and what clients may be increasingly expecting of their business lawyers.

May 26, 2022
Registration Count: 27
Meeting Title/Topic: Spring Social - Happy Hour at Haraheri!
Synopsis: Social event hosted in partnership with CPABC Vancouver Chapter and CFA Society Vancouver.