Annual Report 2015/2016

  • August 16, 2016

Submitted by Chair, Allison Crane

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held:6

October 6, 2016
Guest Speaker: hris Gouglas, VP Legal Services and General Counsel Best Buy
Jo-Ann Smith, Senior Manager Enterprise Information Protection Best Buy
Bradley Freedman, Borden Ladner Gervais
Ruby Rai, Underwriting Specialist, AIG Insurance (Toronto)
Meeting Title/Topic: Panel Discussion: Cyber Risks - 4 Perspectives - Gain Practical Insight into Emerging Cyber Risks
Synopsis: Panel discussed Cyber Risks from various perspectives and provided practical insight on how to manage

November 23, 2016
Guest Speaker: Ian Christman, Registrar of Motor Dealers, and Privacy Officer, Vehicle Sales Authority of BC
Meeting Title/Topic: Privacy Law Management from an In-House Perspective
Synopsis: Practicas advice on how to manage privacy laws issues from an in-house perspective

January 28, 2016
Guest Speaker: Lisa Peters of Lawson Lundell LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: 2015 Developments in Contract Law relevant to Commercial Practice
Synopsis: Lisa provided a case law update on various areas relevant to commercial practive

February 24, 2016
Guest Speaker: Deepak Gill, Cassels Brock
Meeting Title/Topic: Hot Topics for 2016 Proxy Season
Synopsis: Deepak provide practical advice related to the proxy season

April 14, 2016
Guest Speaker: Warren Smith - Counsel Network
Meeting Title/Topic: In-house compensation and topics related to law department management
Synopsis: Warren provided some details regarding the latest in-house compensation survey. He also provided information regarding factors driving law department management.

June 7, 2016
Guest Speaker: Teresa Budd - Watson
Meeting Title/Topic: How to Support Your Board as a Corporate Secretary
Synopsis: Teresa provided some tips and advice on how to best support your Board as a Corporate Secretary and pitfalls to avoid

Comments and Observations of the Chair

We are lucky to have a very active CBA chapter with a very diverse group of lawyers as members. We have the opportunity of covering a wide variety of topics. We like to focus our topics on practical advice. We find our members generally understand the substantive law but are interested in hearing from an experienced member of the bar that can provide such practical advice. We think this provides value to our members.