Annual Report 2016/2017

  • August 16, 2017

Submitted by Section Co-Chair Allison Crane

Summary of Meetings

Number of Meetings Held: 5

October 27, 2016
Guest Speaker: Karen Martin of Dentons
Meeting Title/Topic: Duty of Good Faith in Commercial Contracts in Canada and Globally
Synopsis: Discussed recent case law in Canada regarding the duty of good faith in commercial contract negotiation

November 30, 2016
Guest Speakers: Curt Bernardi - GC Silver Wheaton, David Arven - BC Hydro, Wendy King - Capstone Mining, Eric Wredenhagen - Registrar & CEO of BC College of Massage Therapists, Stephen Rotstein - VP Policy & Regulatory Affairs and GC of the Financial Planning Standards Council
Meeting Title/Topic: Burning Questions for General Counsels
Synopsis: We had members write in and provide questions to our panel of GCs. McCarthy T├ętrault hosted the event in their new offices. We had a wine and cheese following the event.

February 17,2017
Guest Speaker: The CCCA Executive
Meeting Title/Topic: What Do Members Want? (A Brainstorm Session for Members)
Synopsis: We had a round table discussion with members regarding what members want from our sections. The CCCA Executive lead a discussion regarding how the section could improve its offerings and what value proposition can we offer members.

April 7, 2017
Guest Speakers: Nate Kube, former Chief Technology Officer for Cybersecurity, General Electric, David Wotherspoon, Partner, MLT Aikins, and Nathan Schissel, Partner, MLT Aikins
Meeting Title/Topic: Breakfast Workshop - Cybersecurity and Data Breach
Synopsis: Panel discussed what companies can do to avoid cyber attacks and what to do if there is a cyber attack. The relevant legislation was also summarized.

June 20, 2017
Guest Speakers: Jessica Van Hoogevest, General Counsel, Eigen Development Ltd., and Dean Dalke, Partner, DLA Piper LLP
Meeting Title/Topic: How to Draft and Negotiate Successful Service Level Agreements and A Litigator's Perspective on Contract Disputes
Synopsis: Jessica provided a presentation regarding drafting and negotiating a successful service level agreement and identified several pitfalls for drafters. Dean provided a practical presentation on what to consider when there is a contract disputes (prior to litigation). DLA Piper hosted a wine and cheese after the event

Comments and Observations of the Chair

-Our section focuses on providing not just substantive law updates, but also very practical advice for our members.
- Most of our events were sponsored so members had very little cost to get CPD credits and often enjoyed a reception or breakfast at no cost.
- We tried to engage our members to hear from them as to what they want the section to provide them (we had a brainstorm session lunch and we asked members to provide questions to our GC panel).
- We have had strong attendance to our meetings this year.