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CBABC members volunteer their time on committees in support of CBABC governance, advocacy or member services.

Policy & Advocacy committees develop positions supporting CBABC advocacy to government, the Law Society and other institutions. Member Services & Engagement committees provide support and ideas for CBABC member programs. Governance committees ensure the necessary resources for CBABC. 

CBABC also receives requests from government, the Law Society of BC and other agencies for appointments to various boards and committees.

The Board of Directors appoints members to CBABC committees. Committee chairs are members of CBABC’s Provincial Council.

CBABC committee appointments take place in May-June; however, vacancies often occur throughout the year. Please complete the Committee Volunteer Form if you would like to be considered.

Reviews and provides input on all submissions, developed by Sections and committees, to government, the courts, the Law Society of BC and other entities. Builds processes to develop and advance CBABC’s collective view on law reform and policy matters.

Monitors and provides input to member services and programs including Sections, professional development, mentorship programs and awards. Recommends policies to the Board.

Oversees financial performance and audit results and makes recommendations to the Board regarding financial policies.

Identifies and recruits candidates to stand for election or appointment to the Board, Provincial Council and committees.

Assists the Judicial Council of British Columbia to assess applicants for the Provincial Court by preparing confidential reports on each applicant.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy to increase access to justice systems and lawyers using the Access to Justice Triple Aim Approach. Identifies gaps, barriers and solutions.

Oversees the publication of BarTalk, ensuring that it adheres to BarTalk editorial policies. Identifies topics and recruits authors. Reviews each BarTalk issue prior to publication.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy to improve access to and provision of court services across B.C. by addressing existing gaps and barriers. Liaises with court user committees, the Court Services Branch and the Judiciary with respect to court services and courthouse facilities.

Promotes equity, diversity and inclusion within CBABC, the profession and the justice system. Advances the inclusion of members of equity-seeking groups, access to services and accommodation of differences. Seeks to address attitudinal, systemic and structural barriers.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy to improve the law, policies and practice of family law and children’s law.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy regarding the regulation of lawyers and other service providers, and to protect self-governance and independence of lawyers, solicitor-client privilege, judicial independence, and the rule of law.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy to improve the law, policies and practice of residential real estate practice and regulatory systems.

Raises awareness of restorative justice within CBABC and the legal community by developing professional development programming and policy submissions. Builds relationships with government and restorative justice associations to increase awareness and use of restorative justice.

Makes recommendations for CBABC policy and advocacy to improve Indigenous peoples’ experience of the justice and legal systems, including changes to the regulation of lawyers. Provides input to CBABC Indigenous cultural awareness-building and supports the inclusion and advancement of Indigenous lawyers in the legal profession.