Through generous volunteer participation, the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch (CBABC) operates a number of committees to implement programs and to serve the interests of the profession and the public. The CBABC also receives requests from government, the Law Society of BC and other agencies for appointments to various boards and committees.

Below is a list of Committees of the CBABC.

Access to Justice

Standing Committee

The Committee works to improve and promote access to justice for the poor and middle classes in BC. The AJC stresses government responsibility for a sufficiently publicly funded legal aid system as an essential foundation, promotes pro bono services in the legal profession, and supports innovative legal system reform and delivery options for greater access to legal services.

Audit Committee

The Committee is responsible for planning and carrying out, in accordance with professional standards, an audit of the CBABC's annual financial statements, overseees the fiscal year-end financial reporting process at the CBABC and results of the external audit. 

Court Services

Standing Committee

The Committee’s task is to advise and make recommendations to Executive Committee on issues regarding the provisions of Court Services throughout the province.

Equality and Diversity

Standing Committee

The Committee’s task is to recommend to, advise and assist the Executive Committee of the CBABC in the implementation of strategies and programs which will assist the Bar to recognize, reflect and promote equality and diversity within CBABC, the profession as a whole and the justice system.

Law Week

The Committee's task is to promote and coordinate Law Week activities (Vancouver/Regional). The Law Week also provides an opportunity to project a positive image of individual lawyers, the Canadian Bar Association, and the legal profession.

Legal Business & Practice Issues Committee

Standing Committee

The Legal Business & Practice Issues Committee has a particular focus on promoting the interests of lawyers and other members, identifying issues affecting their businesses and practices and assisting members in dealing with such issues.

Professional Development

Standing Committee

The Committee’s task is to support members in their professional development by advising and recommending to the Branch programs, events, materials and resources that will be useful.

REAL Advisory Committee

The Committee's tasks is to coordinated set of programs designed to address the current and projected shortage of lawyers practicing in small communities and rural areas of British Columbia. 

Resolutions and By-laws

Standing Committee

The Committee’s task is to review and critique all resolutions to be presented to Council, to ensure that the Branch By-laws accurately reflect the current operations of the Branch and to ensure that Branch activities comply with the Branch and CBA By-laws.


Standing Committee

The Committee’s task is to screen proposed Sections for recommendation to Council or the Executive.

Young Lawyers Advisory Committee

Standing Committee

The mandate of the Committee is to identify issues and concerns facing young lawyers, advocate on behalf of young lawyers, and advise and liaise with the CBABC Executive Committee, Provincial Council, and Branch staff to ensure CBABC services are aligned with, and meeting the needs of young lawyers.