Legislation and Law Reform Committee


1. Law Reform

  • As and when required, to monitor, coordinate and assist with the preparation and presentation of law reform reports prepared by Sections and Special Committees of the Branch and Executive and Council resolutions and to assist in the preparation of action plans and implementation of proposals.
  • To identify and recommend to the Branch Executive, law reform issues which the Branch could address, to develop action plans for adopted issues and to coordinate research and preparation of reports by the appropriate Section or Special Committee of the Branch, and to assist in the implementation of those reports.
  • To ensure that all Branch law reform proposals and reports are brought to the attention of relevant government ministers and officials (including coordination with the Branch Government Relations Committee) and the news media (in coordination with the Branch Executive and Communications Committee).

2. Submissions to Government

As and when required, to monitor, coordinate and assist with the preparation and presentation of Branch submissions on any matter respecting government initiatives made by Sections, Committees and the Branch Executive by:

  • reviewing Branch Executive and Section minutes and papers;
  • assisting with the preparation of and reviewing all submissions before presentation to ensure consistency of the Branch position, and quality of style and substance of presentation, and reporting to the Branch Executive on any submissions which are considered by the Committee to be controversial, inconsistent with previous Branch positions or deficient in style or substance;
  • meeting and making representations to government officials both in coordination with Branch Government Relations Committee and otherwise; and
  • coordinating with the Law Society of British Columbia in the areas of legislation and law reform; and
  • consulting with the BC Law Institute.

3. Information to the Bar and Public

  • As and when required, to keep the membership informed of changes in legislation and regulations through BarTalk and other media.
  • To prepare background material for news articles monthly and news releases as and when required relating to changes in the law affecting the general public for dissemination in coordination with the Communications Committee.
  • On a ongoing basis, to cooperate with the Communications Committee of the Branch to ensure that efforts of Branch members in the areas of legislation and law reform receive effective publicity and raise the profile of the Branch and its members.

4. Advisors to Government

  • To review and discuss with Legislative Counsel, the policy respecting the relationship between the Branch and government and review pre-introductory legislation and revise as necessary.
  • On request of the Attorney General to review and comment on pre-introductory legislation.
  • To monitor, coordinate and assist the Sections in the performance of their legislative review functions and other dealings with government and to act as an intermediary between the Sections and government.

5. Legislative Response

  • As and when required, to monitor new legislation and regulations on a timely basis and advise the Executive and Section Chairpersons of any legislation in respect of which the Branch may wish to take a position as members of the legal profession and the public.
  • To prepare preliminary comments on new legislation for the information of the Executive.
  • To make and coordinate submissions to government on new legislation and regulations.
  • To liaise with government officials to identify as early as possible anticipated areas of government initiative in order to influence the development of government policy when appropriate.
  • To collect government reports and papers and forward them to the Sections or Branch Executive for action as soon as possible.