Policy & Advocacy Committee


This Board committee monitors, provides advice to the Board, and provides volunteer input to CBABC staff with respect to all policy-related issues, including law reform, administration of justice and professional regulation issues and issues affecting the rule of law and access to justice. In particular, the Committee:

  • monitors and evaluates trends and identifies issues which concern and affect the legal profession in order to develop CBABC policies to address those issues;
  • makes recommendations to the Board and provides volunteer input to staff with respect to the CBABC’s advocacy to advance CBABC policies with government, the courts, the Law Society of BC and other entities, including recommending annual advocacy priorities;
  • develops fair and informed processes to determine the views of CBABC members on critical issues;
  • builds processes for volunteers to work together to develop and advance a collective view on law reform and policy matters, through sections, committees, working groups, or otherwise as appropriate;
  • considers and makes recommendations to the Board on intervention proposals;
  • monitors and liaises with the work of standing committees and working groups within the Policy & Advocacy strategic grouping, so as to ensure a coordinated focus and effort, and reporting thereon to the Board.